Previous work

From 2004-2013 mindscape drawings and urban sprawl paintings. 
In response to living in Los Angeles and travelling to visit family in Northern California and the rugged West of Ireland, this series of mixed media drawing/paintings using ink and acrylic on canvas and paper mark these travels, from the bird’s eye view from Griffith Park to the views above clouds travelling to Ireland. The surface is approached by either drawing obsessive detail upon detail or with one horizontal line across the entire canvas. This element is repeated over and over again across the picture plane.  Slight variations in the movement of the hand add to the pattern as each additional line is recorded.  The repetitive process refers to the interactive relationship between mountain ranges and urban sprawl as well as the influence of early eighties drawings by Peter Saville.  The works begin with a failed attempt to draw a straight line, then this failed attempt is followed until the end of the canvas or paper.

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