Photo Credit: Lluc Queralt Baiges

1999 MFA Art, California Institute of the Arts, CalArts
Valencia, Ca

1995 BFA Drawing & Painting / Intermedia, California State University Long Beach, Ca

2007 Armory Center for the Arts Teaching Fellowship
Pasadena, Ca 

Selected exhibitions

Solo shows
2013 “Four Drawings by Sean Gall” Unlikely Stories

2009 “Atmospheres and Mindscapes” Project 210 Gallery Pasadena, California

1999 “Just Kickin’ It” MFA Thesis Show, California Institute of the Arts, CalArts

Art Fairs:
2018 Studio Lisboa 018, Lisbon, Portugal

Group shows:
2020 “DotSandPlastic” Tbilisi, Georgia (postponed)
2019 “DotSandPlastic” Madrid, Spain

2014 “Esultarte” Galleria Palazzo Velli, Rome, Italy

2013 “Letting Go” Hermon La Prada’s International Flat Files, Los Angeles

2011 “Tomkins Project West: Works on Paper” Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles

2010 “Mastodon Maze” Mastodon Mesa, Los Angeles

2009 “S(t)ay” Sumer Camp’s Project Projects, Los Angeles

2008 “Staff Show” Los Angeles County Museum of Art

2007 "Natural Geographic" Norma Desmond Productions, Culver City

2006 “Compari, this show was not sponsored by” Park Projects, Los Angeles. Curated by Luciano Perna

2006 “Staff Show” Los Angeles County Museum of Art


TBC/MAG 1 The Billboard Creative
November, 2018

An integral aspect to my art practice is walking, exploring and getting lost. Whether in my previous home in Los Angeles, my mother’s home in the wild western landscape of Co. Galway, Ireland, or my adopted city of Rome, I utilize wandering as a stimulus for visualizing ideas.

My “Mindscape Series” mixes elements on canvas and paper, they are made of drawn ink and painted patterns. This series considers  themes of urban sprawl mixed with formal elements in a dreamlike manner to accompany or be reactions to the melodic sounds of Brian Eno’s Homage to The Apollo moon mission, “Atmospheres and Landscapes”. Many works in this series take their titles from Eno’s album as an homage to him.

My series Damnatio Memoriae is a collection of abstracted text works conceived after many months of meandering Rome’s neighborhoods and observing graffiti of opposing political parties and football clubs, altered to obscure or change their original, intended meaning.

I felt these contemporary alterations evoked the ancient custom known as Damnatio Memoriae, an ancient Roman practice wherein inscriptions, sculptures, and even civilizations in the case of Carthage, were wiped away by an opponent and erased from memory. Roman leaders who fell out of power found their name chiseled from public inscriptions and their likeness on marble busts morphed into their successor, but with enough of the original left to serve as a public reminder of their ruination.

I borrow from these altered graffiti and inscriptions, both ancient and contemporary, by drawing text of idioms that I have heard, read, or have written. The text is abstracted, but still legible, through the use of formal elements of color and shape that creates a web of flora that mimics ancient damnatio memoriae and sometimes juxtaposes a message of ruin with elements of beauty.

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